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We consistently deliver A/C service that is unmatched in quality, expertise and professionalism. We are proud to offer dependable A/C unit and heat pump repair and installation services at affordable rates. The Better Business Bureau has ranked us an A+ Accredited Business. We’re local, headquartered here in Orlando, FL and we’re a fully licensed, bonded, and insured Air Conditioning Contractor.

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Relief can’t come fast enough when you’re A/C isn’t cooling. We’ll diagnose, recommend service and repair your A/C System quickly so you can get back to the comfort you deserve.




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Your satisfaction is important to us! We understand that dealing with your A/C isn’t what you’d rather be doing. That’s why we’re committed to making your service experience as positive as possible.

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Best Company! My air conditioner ended up being down for almost two weeks. Several companies came out to check my unit and a couple thought they had figured it out. DC/AC came out and within a few minutes diagnosed the real problem and had my unit running within an hour and a half. They were not only punctual but early and were eager to give the best service I’ve seen from a company in years.


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Licensed & Insured. License #CAC1814693

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pumps And HVAC Air Conditioning Repair, Installation And Service

How often should I have maintenance done on my air conditioner?

You should have maintenance done on your air conditioning system at least once a year – spring to early summer being the best times. This not only ensures maximum efficiency, it enables us to foresee any possible problems that may occur in the near future.

Why do I need to change my filter regularly?

Regular filter replacement helps your heating and cooling system operate at peak levels and improves indoor air quality. It is important to change filters regularly to ensure proper air flow and to keep your home free from dust, allergens and germs. Depending on the type of filter you have, you may require weekly or monthly filter replacements.

How do I know if my system is working properly?

Is it making strange noises? Is it cooling or heating all areas of your home sufficiently? Has it been taking longer to cool down or heat up? Have your utility bills been rising for no apparent reason? Any of these are signs that you may have a problem that needs service. In most cases, the longer you delay, the worse any underlying problems will get.

Should I close the registers and doors to areas of the home that I do not use on a regular basis?

No. Every system is designed to cool a certain number of square feet. By closing registers and doors in certain rooms, you disrupt and decrease the systems’ airflow and efficiency. Your system will have to work harder to cool less space, making it cycle more and become less efficient.

How do I know whether my heating and cooling equipment needs replacement or just repair?

Not an easy question to answer, but here are some factors to consider: 1. The age of the current system. Today, any system that is more than ten years old is probably behind the times in terms of efficiency. 2. Does the current system provide the level of comfort that you want? There is a growing difference between “builder grade” and consumer choice in what a system can offer in terms of comfort and convenience. 3. How much will the repairs cost…and how many more repairs will you need in the future? Is keeping an older system operational worth the time, the money and the inconvenience? Sometimes you need to know when to cut bait and say goodbye to your old heater or air conditioner.

Why does my heat pump system sometimes freeze up?

Several factors that can cause system freezing. First, if running in the cooling mode check your filters; restrictions in air flow can lead to freezing. Next, thaw the system out by turning off the cooling and running the fan. Also, try turning the system to the heat mode until the ice has melted. If the problem recurs after checking for air restrictions and thawing your system .Give us a call and our service technicians will check the refrigerant level. They may also have to clean the evaporator coil, check the blower speed and check for any intermittent in blower operation. A service technician can also evaluate other conditions that may make your system prone to freezing and recommend the best course of action.

Is there anything I should check prior to calling for service?

Check to be sure that the air conditioner or furnace is turned on. Check that the breakers and the disconnects are turned on and be sure the thermostat is set correctly. Also make a note of any strange noises or smells.